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Bar soap

Goat’s milk soap, 100% Natural


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The forest fragrance goat milk soap is made with organic and certified products. Goat’s milk is rich in vitamins: B1, B6, B12, C, D, E and in particular the vitamin A necessary to repair damaged skin tissue and keep skin healthy. The natural creaminess of the milk gives the soap a dense and voluptuous consistency that lingers on the skin for a long time after use.


Goat milk, olea europaea fruit oil, butyrospermum parkii butter*, cocos nucifera oil*, sodium hydroxide, prunus amygdalus dulcis oil*, ricinus communis seed oil*, parfum, sodium gluconate, limonene.

* Certified Organic Ingredients.





Forest fragrance goat milk soap thanks to its high milk content is a natural emollient and moisturizer that is instantly absorbed by the skin. The proteins present have amazing anti-microbial properties that help prevent the growth of bacteria that cause blemishes. The goat milk solid soap, forest fragrance, is useful in cases of severe dryness of the skin, for scaly skin and prone to dermatitis, suitable for delicate skin therefore excellent for children. Regulates the PH, hydrates and deeply nourishes all skin types. Suitable for hands, face and body.


The forest fragrance solid soap boasts an extraordinary composition that includes goat's milk, olive oil, almond oil, castor oil, shea butter and coconut oil. Goat's milk is rich in alpha hydroxy acids such as lactic acid which promotes the production of ceramides and helps remove dead cells; the fatty acids present in milk help repair the damaged skin barrier. Powerful antioxidants such as Vitamins A, C, D, E, B1, B6, B12 and minerals such as iron, copper and zinc nourish and protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. The rest of the oils and butters remain great allies of the epidermis and thanks to milk, as the primary carrier of these, they penetrate the skin, deeply nourishing and giving an extraordinary sensation of cleanliness, softness and brightness.


It is recommended to use the soap as a normal solid detergent, suitable for washing hands, face and body. Daily use is recommended to inform, cleanse, nourish and heal your skin tissue properly. The forest fragrance goat milk solid soap has a satisfying foaming effect and high cleaning power. Thanks to the constant use of our soap, the skin is visibly healthier and cared for, the benefits are immediate, the health of the skin improves.


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