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Shine Artisan Laboratory is an all-female company, women who believe that with small daily gestures you can make a big difference. We reinvented the milk supply chain using this ancient beauty elixir by continuing our family history of producing goat milk yogurt and cheeses.

The soap we create is made with all organic and certified products that give the skin not only a sensation but an active efficacy. The solid soap born in Pescasseroli is a friend of the environment and of the person. It does not pollute, and gives the skin of the face and body brightness and softness. Shine Artisan laboratory wants to help reduce the production of plastic and for this reason it uses only paper packaging for its soap.

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Produced in the Shine Artisan Laboratory located in Pescasseroli in the heart of Abruzzo National Park, the natural organic and certified goat milk soap is cold worked with the addition of oils: almond, olive, castor, coconut and butters: shea. The milk is taken from a farm that is attentive to the health and well-being of the goats, located south of the Subequana Valley in Goriano Sicoli.. The goat milk soap from Shine Artisan Laboratory s obtained through a cold saponification process. During the seasoning, the saponification period is completed and a product useful for cleansing the face, hands and body is born. A gentle soap, a safe cosmetic product under normal and reasonable conditions of use. The Forest Fragrance Goat Milk Solid Soap has never been and will never be tested on animals.


The soap we create is made with all organic and certified products

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